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[] Why Negative Ions ? - 2007
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Why Negative Ions ?

Natural body system reserve the balance between the positive and negative ions in our bodies. But harmful materials such as dangerous gases or the electromagnetic waves produced by the factories , cars , many electronics devices, and chemical manufacturer materials , usually work on increasing the positive ions in our bodies. This will cause several instability cases since the ions in our bodies are not balanced any more.

This is why we feel fresh when we are around the forests and water falls, which are considered negative ions producers.

But since we live in an environment of increasing positive ions, we suggest to find a solution to increase negative ions to insure the balance of ions in our bodies.

Negative Ions advantages discovered by modern science :


  • Filtering the blood’s containers
    Negative ions works on increasing the ions content for the potassium and sudiom in our blood. And improves the acidic formula to light ……. Formula.

  • Reproducing blood cells
    reactivating the cellular production process , and gives more power for human body.

  • Increase resistance power
    it increase the resistance against many microbes, through activating the cellular reaction.

  • Control the nervous independent system
    nervous independent system absorb the negative ions to control the reactions of the human parts regardless the volition of human mind, such as stomach and blood containers.

  • Quick response for rest after pain.
    negative ions increase the ionic Calcium and produce more “ Endorphin” and “Encarfin” to wangle the pain. And it also insure healthy body , through accruing the tired body parts , reduce pain and balance the mental state
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