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[] Electromagnatic Waves Damage - 2007
Date : 2007.05.05 | Hit : 5,140
Etc : D

Pollution of electromagnetic waves is more serious than that of water and air. Koreaa TV news and radio broadcast reported deadly harmfulness of electromagnetic waves. According to a specially planned article of the Health and Welfare Daily as of Feb 3,1997, What is the ENTITY of electromagnetic waves ? :

1. Male : The testicles of the human body is most sensetive to electromagnetic wave. Genterative power of man is destroyed.

2. Female : Menstrual irregularity, miscarriage, birth of retraded and deformed baby are likely to take a place.
Electromagnetic waves has great potential to cause cancer. About 82% of mellatonin hormone is reduced to weaken the immunization function of the human body resulting in amblyopia, central nervous disorder, headche, fatigue, failure of memory and increase in white corpuscles use of the cellualr phone may cause tumor in brain - An Australian Specialist [Bangokok Post] It has reported that an Australian cancer Specialist claimsthat there might be a correlation between a tumor in thr brain and a cellualr phone.
According to an article in an Australian medical journal, the Bangokok Post reported that the number of brain tumor patients in the western part of Australia increased by 50% between 1982 and 1992.
A specialist working at Hospital in the western coast of Australia said "The increase in the number of brain tumor patients presumed to have a correlation with the cellualr phone or simple other reason including working environment.
Another Hospital pf Australia clarified in its research report last year that the carcinogenic rate of rats exposed for an extended period to the cellualr phone was increased doubly.
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