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[] Certificates - 2007
Date : 2007.05.05 | Hit : 5,096
Invention Justification
Medical Chip for protection
Applications were submitted using No. : 0473355
Through metioned date
Under No: 00307712
2000/11/7 1999/8/20
Inventor Name : Shin Shan
Product Name : GERMA
Invention Make sure :
Through reports generated by many medical labs such as:
Uofi Organization
Dr. Kim
Medical Magazine
American magazine for medicine
Precautionary Medicine Magazine
All of the these certified the importance of using this chip.
Also there is many reports by other parties such as , Torinto Star Magazine, Sesser Scientific magazine, Judi magazine for medical news, Korean and central medical labs.
For this a test has been made for testing the effects of the product on the human body . where it has been improved that the chip works on protecting our bodies from electromagnetic waves.
Where this study have been observed before and after  using GERMA chip.
Egyptian Executive Office for Ray Protection
Jordanian Nuclear Power Committee
Scientific Royal Council

Korean Official Certificates
شهادات من جهات رسمية و حكومية كورية
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